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Ego: validator of reality powered by arrogance

Ego validates our existenceEgo validates our reality Ego validates our current thinking, and what we think we see, as our realityWith ego, we’re arrogant enough to know what we see and feel is real Only by means of our ego our reality feels real, is realWhat is real, or what is left, when ego shuts […]

Permanently mount SMB share in OSX

This is the how-to to permanently mount an SMB share in OSX. Permanently, like surviving a reboot. I have searched months for this! I won’t rehash the fact that this is just plain vanilla annoying and that there should be a checkbox “always have this sucker mounted” present in the OSX user interface. Duh! These […]

Rage with the machine

To be able to rage against the machine, you need the machine. With your rage you actively inject the machine with your energy, ensuring its survival, helping its existence. On the plane of the machine, any direction of any type of energy nurtures the machine, enforcing its roots. To really implement “rage against the machine” […]

PayPal IPN requests and mod_security

I just spend some part of a week trying to successfully receive PayPal IPN requests. Sent out from the IPN simulator. I got stuck when it (the simulator) kept saying it couldn’t deliver the IPN request: Bad Request. Indeed… bad request! Hunting down the differences between two servers — the second one receiving the IPN […]

The meaning of life

One look on the meaning of life

Tales of a switcher – Line breaks in Excel 2011

In Excel 2011 for Mac you must use “command-option-enter” to get a line break within a cell

Scheurt u mee?

Vroeger in de studententijd hadden we al een auto. Lekker scheuren, heerlijk. Verkeerslicht, wachten, rood, wachten, rood, wachten, groen, pats! Wegwezen, scheuren, planken. Nooit haast, altijd snel. Na de eerste bocht eens even blikken in de achteruitkijk spiegel. Tientallen meters achter ons een zee van vrije ruimte. De andere auto’s beginnen net aan de bocht. […]

Bestaat een tweede kans?

Vandaag de dag worden criminelen nog steeds gebrandmerkt middels onze computer systemen en gekoppelde databases.

Running Parallels and VMWare Fusion side by side – network enabled

How to get Parallels and VMWare Fusion on Mac OSX working together, in such a way that each virtual machine is pingable and accessable via network.

Novell Designer 3.6.1 doesn’t deploy a driver with a job

Using Novell Designer with Identity Manager 3.6 and jobs. Making it work together as one.