Novell Designer 3.6.1 doesn’t deploy a driver with a job

Sounds good… a driver with a job; like a man with a plan. Or it triggers images of a scene where some masked people enter a bank quite viciously and this man is waiting in the car…

Anyway, Novell Designer 3.6.1. Beautiful product, could write another post about giving it all praise. In this instance of the writing, I’ll stick to the title: when you deploy a driver in which a job is configured, Designer will hang crash fault, about halfway the deployment phase. You can wait for it to get through, heck, we even took lunch. Still no go. It is a bug. At least on our systems (Designer 3.6.1 on Windows 7, Novell Identity Manager on SLES 11).

Solution, or rather, workaround: do you thing with iManager. Either run it from the server if you’ve installed it there, or install it on your Windows machine as a stand-alone app. There was some weirdness there also (had to tweak the .bat file in order to stop it from installing NCIS every time you start iManager), but I got it up. Well, in iManager you can do pretty much the same as in Designer, only a bit differently. So: I deployed my driver without any jobs in it. With iManager, I went to the driver, clicked on the “Jobs” tab, clicked “New…”, and configured the job there. After creation, it’s still ticked, you can click “Get status”, and you can “Grant rights” if it says so. Now it’s ready to run.

In some instances, you can tick the job and run it from iManager. Most of the time though, you’re not that lucky, resulting in iManager hanging, crashing or faulting, resulting in you having to stop and start ndsd (which can take a really long time). To keep it safe, I just trigger the job with a “dxcmd” from the shell. That’s something like:

dxcmd -user admin.admins.system -password secret -startjob "

Mind you: this is just on our development environment. Production, of course, runs just fine…

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