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Dare to go

I was staying up late, didn’t like the showThey were telling answers that I didn’t knowI like my life in an ignorant styleEvery change I make, boy that takes a while Instant, dawning, lucid, momentSeeing my gravestone with an epitaphRealization and then fear setting in“He did not, but he should have” Gotta get my ass […]


I don’t want to stay at homeplease throw me a boneI don’t want to be that man that always is alone I feel I am left out coldCan almost feel the fenceThey make a prison of our homes, this is not common sense ConsequenceI don’t careConsequenceI’m not there What can I doWhile I don’t knowWhat […]

Still in love

I went awayYou stayed the sameI did not playWho is to blame You gave awayI kept my aimYou went astrayWho is to blame You know / What you did to meDarlingWhat did you / Think that I would doDarlingOr did you / Just want to seeDarlingIf I am / Still in love with youDarling I […]


Late at night, I saw your light, I was driving through the hoodThe air smelled haze, I saw your face, you were up to no goodIndecisive, agonized, taking a deep breathWas already wrecked, I had to act, not another death Ten years ago, you wouldn’t know, you have scarred my lifeCause your face then, it […]

My prison

In my dream I walk alone Although it seems My skills are honed Know thyself Above the gate It helps to dive But I suffocate As I cross the street running middle of the road now I see my life flashing by through my eyes now My skull is thick, I am a dick, I […]

From the stars

The night was young, the alley was long Moonshine reflection on the mirror of a puddle Years passed by being harsh not subtle Never did anyone wanted to cuddle I gave up being nice, my charming me I scuttled But was I wrong? Is this my forgotten song? Gazed up the stars Looking from behind bars Feeling […]

One can be [WiP][From the stars – Prequel]

–intro –pingel E C D B Gazing up the stars Looking from behind bars Am I from the stars Is this all a farce Looking at my cards Tearing the world apart I cannot feel my heart Tell me where do I start –high: E C D B I was left for dead That is […]

These powers [WiP]

Normal cords: Am C E E 4x Alternatief: Am C E E 2x | Am D E E 2x I don’t know Who you are Did you start this war The pattern That unfolds I’ve seen this all before Why did you Start again I unlocked the door I stare back Pretty hard I look […]

City of light

And I’m walking in the city of light And I’m wondering who is so bright There better be an eagle in my sight And I don’t know care, and I don’t know where I was talking to my buddy of light It was an angel I can tell you in hindsight It took me days […]

Routing down

Coming round the corner I was cutting the edge I was blinded by the light I had it coming in hindsight Flying through the air I realize I ain’t no saint I can see all my actions leading here Tell me what I have gained For starters I can see A portion asphalt in my […]