One can be [WiP][From the stars – Prequel]


–pingel E C D B
Gazing up the stars
Looking from behind bars
Am I from the stars
Is this all a farce

Looking at my cards
Tearing the world apart
I cannot feel my heart
Tell me where do I start

–high: E C D B
I was left for dead
That is what they said
–high: E G D B
Do I move at all
What makes me fall

–low: E E C D
I’ve got these powers now and I know now what to do
You’ve opened up my eyes, I owe it all to you
I’ve got these powers now and I see it all so clear
You had me fooled so long, for years I was so near

–low: A C E E
I was so near / but it was me / it is done
It’s all so clear / I can see / we are one

I cut you off
You don’t seem that though
I have seen enough
I’ve finally called your bluff

But I also see
You are a necessity
Without you no destiny
With you one can be

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