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Selflessness is highlighted and permeates through every fiber of the physical beingEmpowerment of self rising up to Self, connecting to OneMastery through letting go, by doing not-a-thing, by beingBraveness embraces the heart, fueling courage doing nothing, being LoveRestless feelings ripple through the body everywhere resistance is metIntroverted focus makes everything local present and okAll is […]

Ik denkt dus ik bestaat

–tripleDude, 2022


Alles. Is. Ok. Alles. Is. Ok.

Licht verhuld duisternis

duisternis is licht brengt je ziet duisternis alleen door licht licht verhuld duisternis  


ik hoef niets te doen


I was in the book instead of experiencing it I was in the story instead of observing it I was the point instead of One


Geluk komt op geen enkele schaal voor in relatie tot een ander.

Beautiful perfection

so it’s not perfect as life is perfect

Start engaging life

Annoyances you created yourself so stop itching around it Life is to short wasting time bitching about it

Rage with the machine

To be able to rage against the machine, you need the machine. With your rage you actively inject the machine with your energy, ensuring its survival, helping its existence. On the plane of the machine, any direction of any type of energy nurtures the machine, enforcing its roots. To really implement “rage against the machine” […]