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Permanently mount SMB share in OSX

This is the how-to to permanently mount an SMB share in OSX. Permanently, like surviving a reboot. I have searched months for this! I won’t rehash the fact that this is just plain vanilla annoying and that there should be a checkbox “always have this sucker mounted” present in the OSX user interface. Duh! These […]

PayPal IPN requests and mod_security

I just spend some part of a week trying to successfully receive PayPal IPN requests. Sent out from the IPN simulator. I got stuck when it (the simulator) kept saying it couldn’t deliver the IPN request: Bad Request. Indeed… bad request! Hunting down the differences between two servers — the second one receiving the IPN […]

Tales of a switcher – Line breaks in Excel 2011

In Excel 2011 for Mac you must use “command-option-enter” to get a line break within a cell

Running Parallels and VMWare Fusion side by side – network enabled

How to get Parallels and VMWare Fusion on Mac OSX working together, in such a way that each virtual machine is pingable and accessable via network.

Novell Designer 3.6.1 doesn’t deploy a driver with a job

Using Novell Designer with Identity Manager 3.6 and jobs. Making it work together as one.