Permanently mount SMB share in OSX

This is the how-to to permanently mount an SMB share in OSX. Permanently, like surviving a reboot. I have searched months for this! I won’t rehash the fact that this is just plain vanilla annoying and that there should be a checkbox “always have this sucker mounted” present in the OSX user interface. Duh!

These are the combined steps I have taken so far. Emptor caveat: I have not yet rebooted 🙂
[Update: I have rebooted, and this still works!]

>sudo vi /etc/auto_master
# add "/- auto_smb -nosuid"
>sudo vi /etc/auto_smb
# add "/Users/username/mountPoint -fstype=smbfs,soft ://user:password@serverIP/share"
>sudo chmod 600 /etc/auto_smb
>sudo automount -vc
>sudo umount /Users/username/mountPoint
>cd /Users/usersname/mountPoint

So far, finally:

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