Tales of a switcher – Line breaks in Excel 2011

Are you kidding? You can’t do “control-enter” in Excel 2011 for Mac while editing a cell, and get a newline or line break within that cell. Sure, you can press the key-combo, but the result is exiting the edit mode (with the edited cell still selected, so, to be sure, the functionality IS different from just an¬†ordinary¬†“enter”, which results in exiting edit mode and selecting the cell below the edited one).

Nope, in Excel 2011 you gotta hit “command-option-enter” to get a newline. Curiously “control-command-enter” seems to work too.

These little things, for me, are the hardest part switching from Windows to Mac…

Oh, just to give my real first annoyance: hitting “F2” in Excel 2011 doesn’t get you in the cell’s edit mode. Nope, you must use “control-u” to do that. Elementary, my dear Watson.

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