These powers [WiP]

Normal cords: Am C E E 4x
Alternatief: Am C E E 2x | Am D E E 2x

I don’t know
Who you are
Did you start this war

The pattern
That unfolds
I’ve seen this all before

Why did you
Start again
I unlocked the door

I stare back
Pretty hard
I look in the mirror


Powercord: chorus: EECD 4x | chorus follow up “Ain’t got no clue”: A-C-EE 4x

Hey now, come and see, what I can do to you (to you, laatste keer refrein naar ‘with you’)
I’ve got these powers now, and I don’t know what to do
Come close and show me now, the true form this is you
I’ve got these powers now, and I ain’t got no clue – Ain’t got no clue!


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