Late at night, I saw your light, I was driving through the hood
The air smelled haze, I saw your face, you were up to no good
Indecisive, agonized, taking a deep breath
Was already wrecked, I had to act, not another death

Ten years ago, you wouldn’t know, you have scarred my life
Cause your face then, it was the same, but directed at my wife
I struck first, that got me cursed, I was aiming for your heart
But it went sour and now I cower, I dropped my guard

Who is my savior
Where is my savior

As I missed, I felt a fist, hitting at my core
It was you, but it was me too, I dropped to the floor
Something snapped, an itch that crept up my spine to my brain
Why did I believe my lie, I feel going insane

What is this, something’s amiss, I am looking for a host
I’m all alone, can’t touch this stone, damn… I‘m a ghost

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