The meaning of life

The meaning of life is to experience.

God created this dimension, permeating all and everything with the Force. This also caused a reaction, a counter force: the Pull. The Force grows; the Pull shrinks. The Force nurtures; the Pull smothers. The Force is a spacecraft filled with settlers; the Pull is a huge planet’s gravity. The Force is the red pill; the Pull is the blue pill.┬áThe Force creates; the Pull destroys.┬áThe Force is divine; the Pull has a divine reason.

The reaction to the Force created Pull. The Pull is not the Force. They are not two instances of one essence. They are two separate things.

The Force and the Pull result in struggle. Experience is based on this struggle. The essence of experience comes forth from this struggle.

What did you come to experience this life?

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  • Wow! You ideas about the meaning of life are profound, even poetic. It is obvious you put a great deal of thought into your words. I, too, believe that we are here to experience. Keep up the good work.

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