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Rage with the machine

To be able to rage against the machine, you need the machine. With your rage you actively inject the machine with your energy, ensuring its survival, helping its existence. On the plane of the machine, any direction of any type of energy nurtures the machine, enforcing its roots. To really implement “rage against the machine” […]

PayPal IPN requests and mod_security

I just spend some part of a week trying to successfully receive PayPal IPN requests. Sent out from the IPN simulator. I got stuck when it (the simulator) kept saying it couldn’t deliver the IPN request: Bad Request. Indeed… bad request! Hunting down the differences between two servers — the second one receiving the IPN […]

Forceless vulcano

Out of a thousand year old man Erupts like a volcano dedication, and a plan The blossoms of a heartshaped vile Float on by to escape the nation, like they can Forcefields wither, leaping strong Tension building from realization, amidst the sun Mollifying what just appears Like an ape in disguise from the tree on […]


No need looking up In all directions there is God No need looking down In all directions there is Love No need looking away In all directions there is You

The meaning of life

One look on the meaning of life

Alternate ways

it is hard to depart from the ways you did things with your heart from the start ’cause you pick at your heart confidence teared apart shattered goals on the card trying just to be hard and determined to start the creation of a second path on the chart this is art did i mention your heart? […]

In the moment

come in the moment of every moment the moment you realize your attention’s bend and you do not own it in this moment you’ll see in a moment it is oh so potent to be at the core every fiber a provant of information in perfect formation supplying the nation which is you no exaggeration every […]

Tales of a switcher – Line breaks in Excel 2011

In Excel 2011 for Mac you must use “command-option-enter” to get a line break within a cell

Running Parallels and VMWare Fusion side by side – network enabled

How to get Parallels and VMWare Fusion on Mac OSX working together, in such a way that each virtual machine is pingable and accessable via network.

Novell Designer 3.6.1 doesn’t deploy a driver with a job

Using Novell Designer with Identity Manager 3.6 and jobs. Making it work together as one.