Shock waves

Late at night I stumbled to my room and on a hunch I used the
force to reach out to the universe aligning planetary
lines. And calling out I got response from what can only be des-
cribed as heaven or perfection. This dimension rises in vi-
bration. Shock waves trigger automation breaking down the forma-
tion of borders. I’ve no orders, turmoil rises, I’m in outer
space. Where is my face, where is my heart, why is my planet torn a-
part? I try to land, I bend the time to take it all in from the
start. I settle down and feel the force of this amazing dream land-
scape. And being witness of the greatness when something is of pure
light. I make a move but not the next, I don’t know why but this feels
right. I travel back. I land on earth and in hind sight I rea-
lize that I am none or I am one and one with order equa-
lized so many paths. The only way is by intelligent de-
sign. We all take part, we are all one. And one just wonders what comes

Why did it take
so long to see
the planet of the sun
is smiling at me.

Where do we go
now that I see
intellegent design
is smiling at me.

What is the need
now that I see
I AM here as one
is smiling at me.

This is the way
I AM humbled to see
opened heart and all
is smiling at me.

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Rage with the machine

To be able to rage against the machine, you need the machine. With your rage you actively inject the machine with your energy, ensuring its survival, helping its existence. On the plane of the machine, any direction of any type of energy nurtures the machine, enforcing its roots.

To really implement “rage against the machine” at the root level of that intention, in full relaxation and realization, take a route energetically dimensionally perpendicular to the plane of the machine, immediately solving your issue with it, and letting it to be developed on its own path without your energy adding to it.

I do hope I listen to myself.

PayPal IPN requests and mod_security

I just spend some part of a week trying to successfully receive PayPal IPN requests. Sent out from the IPN simulator. I got stuck when it (the simulator) kept saying it couldn’t deliver the IPN request: Bad Request. Indeed… bad request!

Hunting down the differences between two servers — the second one receiving the IPN requests just beautifully — I came upon the module “HttpRequest”. I can safely say that had nothing to do with it. But it did let me trigger another thought: this server uses mod_security — good for generating a ton of error messages in the log file, and, apparently, blocking IPN requests.

So I don’t know why I didn’t check it sooner, but when I tailed the apache error logfile for the site, and triggered an IPN request from the simulator, there it was: the request was Access denied! Read more ›

Forceless vulcano

Out of a thousand year old man
Erupts like a volcano dedication, and a plan
The blossoms of a heartshaped vile
Float on by to escape the nation, like they can

Forcefields wither, leaping strong
Tension building from realization, amidst the sun
Mollifying what just appears
Like an ape in disguise from the tree on the run

Volcanoes are strong, erupting the snake skin
Forging the new without being forged
Thanking the old shackles, taking it all in
Existing as one without being forced


No need looking up
In all directions there is God

No need looking down
In all directions there is Love

No need looking away
In all directions there is You

The meaning of life

The meaning of life is to experience.

God created this dimension, permeating all and everything with the Force. This also caused a reaction, a counter force: the Pull. The Force grows; the Pull shrinks. The Force nurtures; the Pull smothers. The Force is a spacecraft filled with settlers; the Pull is a huge planet’s gravity. The Force is the red pill; the Pull is the blue pill. The Force creates; the Pull destroys. The Force is divine; the Pull has a divine reason.

The reaction to the Force created Pull. The Pull is not the Force. They are not two instances of one essence. They are two separate things.

The Force and the Pull result in struggle. Experience is based on this struggle. The essence of experience comes forth from this struggle.

What did you come to experience this life?

Alternate ways

it is hard to depart
from the ways you did things
with your heart from the start

’cause you pick at your heart
confidence teared apart
shattered goals on the card

trying just to be hard
and determined to start
the creation of a
second path on the chart
this is art

did i mention your heart?

Presupposition for the above
Every choice
anyone makes
is the best choice
available to that person
at the time of making the choice.

In the moment

come in the moment
of every moment
the moment you realize
your attention’s bend
and you do not own it

in this moment
you’ll see in a moment
it is oh so potent
to be at the core
every fiber a provant

of information
in perfect formation
supplying the nation
which is you
no exaggeration

every nerve cell
is able to tell
a story so quell
which your brain will dispel
and of course you as well

but group them together
you’ll get serious weather
one’s like a feather
but now all together
you notice! — that’s better

so one’s not enough
but all synaptic coughs
allow you to feel
translating touch
to an energy meal

allowing you now
to feel here and now
just to be in the now
allowing somehow
amazement and wow

so just own the moment
you’ll have a covenant
and transcend the blend
suspending the dead end
no pretend — apprehend

is your life well spend
i’d say yes every second
with intend to mend
the befriended trend
of being true to your end

Tales of a switcher – Line breaks in Excel 2011

Are you kidding? You can’t do “control-enter” in Excel 2011 for Mac while editing a cell, and get a newline or line break within that cell. Sure, you can press the key-combo, but the result is exiting the edit mode (with the edited cell still selected, so, to be sure, the functionality IS different from just an ordinary “enter”, which results in exiting edit mode and selecting the cell below the edited one).

Nope, in Excel 2011 you gotta hit “command-option-enter” to get a newline. Curiously “control-command-enter” seems to work too.

These little things, for me, are the hardest part switching from Windows to Mac…

Oh, just to give my real first annoyance: hitting “F2” in Excel 2011 doesn’t get you in the cell’s edit mode. Nope, you must use “control-u” to do that. Elementary, my dear Watson.

Scheurt u mee?

Vroeger in de studententijd hadden we al een auto. Lekker scheuren, heerlijk. Verkeerslicht, wachten, rood, wachten, rood, wachten, groen, pats! Wegwezen, scheuren, planken. Nooit haast, altijd snel. Na de eerste bocht eens even blikken in de achteruitkijk spiegel. Tientallen meters achter ons een zee van vrije ruimte. De andere auto’s beginnen net aan de bocht. Nice game, alleen niemand deed mee.

Dik tien jaar later. De auto’s zijn zwaar geupgrade, ruim over de 200pk. The game is still on.

Nog steeds doet niemand mee.