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From the stars

The night was young, the alley was long Moonshine reflection on the mirror of a puddle Years passed by being harsh not subtle Never did anyone wanted to cuddle I gave up being nice, my charming me I scuttled But was I wrong? Is this my forgotten song? Gazed up the stars Looking from behind bars Feeling […]

One can be [WiP][From the stars – Prequel]

–intro –pingel E C D B Gazing up the stars Looking from behind bars Am I from the stars Is this all a farce Looking at my cards Tearing the world apart I cannot feel my heart Tell me where do I start –high: E C D B I was left for dead That is […]

These powers [WiP]

Normal cords: Am C E E 4x Alternatief: Am C E E 2x | Am D E E 2x I don’t know Who you are Did you start this war The pattern That unfolds I’ve seen this all before Why did you Start again I unlocked the door I stare back Pretty hard I look […]

City of light

And I’m walking in the city of light And I’m wondering who is so bright There better be an eagle in my sight And I don’t know care, and I don’t know where I was talking to my buddy of light It was an angel I can tell you in hindsight It took me days […]

Routing down

Coming round the corner I was cutting the edge I was blinded by the light I had it coming in hindsight Flying through the air I realize I ain’t no saint I can see all my actions leading here Tell me what I have gained For starters I can see A portion asphalt in my […]

Prachtige pijn

het is de pijn die ik voel achter de kracht die ik bedoel als ik zie wat die pracht had tot doel

Code [WiP]

no way, who missed all these brackets i’ll wack it, i’ll kick it into braces fuck this code, quess who’s gonna ace it but the fucking bugs make me have to trace it cos face it…

All perfection

When I was a little boy I used to call people names So many times I got really good at hurting people using my words I made them rhyme Now that I have grown up I have wondered time and again Am I a jerk? Or is it my goal in life to say just […]

Pinnacle of density

the pace of life just seems today to me, so dense, not like an other day full of life, you speed ahead not even time for one regret or time to regret what has been had had one taken notice of said past but it’s a blast can you feel that you are sad or […]

Up the sky

I look up the sky I look alive I realize I came here to hope and die Now that I feel Nothing feels real Awakening, we are one, the only deal