Shock waves

Late at night I stumbled to my room and on a hunch I used the
force to reach out to the universe aligning planetary
lines. And calling out I got response from what can only be des-
cribed as heaven or perfection. This dimension rises in vi-
bration. Shock waves trigger automation breaking down the forma-
tion of borders. I’ve no orders, turmoil rises, I’m in outer
space. Where is my face, where is my heart, why is my planet torn a-
part? I try to land, I bend the time to take it all in from the
start. I settle down and feel the force of this amazing dream land-
scape. And being witness of the greatness when something is of pure
light. I make a move but not the next, I don’t know why but this feels
right. I travel back. I land on earth and in hind sight I rea-
lize that I am none or I am one and one with order equa-
lized so many paths. The only way is by intelligent de-
sign. We all take part, we are all one. And one just wonders what comes

Why did it take
so long to see
the planet of the sun
is smiling at me.

Where do we go
now that I see
intellegent design
is smiling at me.

What is the need
now that I see
I AM here as one
is smiling at me.

This is the way
I AM humbled to see
opened heart and all
is smiling at me.

  C       Am      Em      F

  C               Em              Am              F
  C               Em              Am              Am7     Am

  F               C               Am              Am7     Am

bridge back:
  Em Em Em C      Em Em Em F      Em Em Em C      Em Em Em C

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